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Who Are We ?

Shenzhen Torvenics Electronic Co.,Ltd  has been engaged in manufacturing and service of electronic connectors since 2006. As an one-stop shopping  manufacturer we could meet all the requirements for your PC board which enable you not to waste too much time on too many suppliers.


Based on our graceful manufacture conditions, knowledgeable R&D members, advanced quality inspection equipments, extremely dedicated staff, farseeing leading group, excellent chain of suppliers and technological manufacture progress, we guarantee our products are of the highest quality, environment-protected and competitive prices. In this way we can also make our timely service circumspectly. 


We have developed our market not only overseas during Europe, American, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong but also domestic market.We sincerely welcome both old and  new customers to our company for visitation or discussion about the potential cooperation.A long term cooperation is always unremitting pursuit to us. 

Quality Motto: Always seeking better goals without limitation

Service Motto:Efficiency, profession, sincere,warm, careful and thoughtful 



Service Scope

The following are the applications overview for our products,


Airplanes/Helicopters, Baggage Screeners



Antennas - Indoors, Antennas - Outdoors, Headsets/IBFs (Reporters),Telecommunications


Industrial Control

Security/Surveillance - Indoors, Security/Surveillance - Outdoors


Information Systems

Authentication Devices, Computers (outdoors), Input Devices,Display motherboards,Stored program control exchangers



Dirty / Hot Environment (e.g., milling), Process control (e.g., sensors), Robot Handling (e.g., assembly line)


Medical Equipment

Analyzers, Processing Equipment, UL61010A, Dental Equipment, Disposable Devices (sensors, catheders)



Airborne Devices, Land Vehicles, Personal Equipment



Communication and Control, Motorsports, Telemetry


Pubilc Sector

Traffic Signals/Sensors, Trains and Subways, Search and Rescue



Robots, Sub-Atomic Research, Physics Research Test and Measurement

GPS (portable or vehicle mounted), High Voltage Experiments, Meters, Sources, Analyzers

Complaints & Suggestions
Thanks for your support and concern about Torven products, and if you have any good suggestions or are not satisfied with our products, keep us informed. We will improve products and services.
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