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New Energy Industrial electronics
Release:Shenzhen Torvenics Electronic Co.,Ltd Data:2022/03/17

In the future of new energy, Torvenics Electronic provides reliable HEV and BEV connectors and wiring harnesses supporting solutions.

Automotive Connectors Supplier

We are your trusted vehicle automotive connector supplier who can help not only finding the right connectors but also offering full services. Automotive connectors have a wide variety of applications, the demand for high-quality connectors is increasing in the automotive industry.

Torvenics Electronic is a global technology business focused on enabling wireless communication and smart systems, and providing components and systems that protect electronics. As a leader in the design, supply and support of innovative technology, our products and solutions allow people, organizations, machines and applications to connect effectively, helping to build a world where smart technology transforms the way of life.  A wide selection of connectors of various sizes, pincounts and orientations fulfilling a variety of automotive applications.

Our cable assemblies are used in many applications such as automation, data, drive systems, medical, and aerospace technologies. One of our key areas is manufacturing for the automotive industry: Wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies are used in headlights, electro-mobility controller applications and in battery management.

Torvenics high‐performance contact system with lamella technology ensures highly reliable and stable signal transmission.

Main industry serviced

Industrial Automation, Electric Energy, Wind Power Generation, Rail Traffic, Intelligent Building, new energy vehicles

No matter what demands you place on your connectors –  Torvenics has the solutions you need.

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