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Shenzhen Torvenics Electronic Co.,Ltd has been engaged in developing,manufacturing and sales of electronic components and cable assemblies for more than a decate. Our products mainly include the round pin and stamped pin sockets and headers, FPC connectors in full range of different pitch,SIM card connectors,Electronic Connectors, Wire To Wire Connectors,FPC,coaxial connectors,DVI Connectors,Machined Pin Connectors,IDC Connectors,RF Coaxial Connectors,D-sub connectors,High-Reliability Connectors,Socket Connector Headers, modular jacks,USB connectors and cable assembly solutions.FPC connectors are easy to assemble and reliable, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, FPC connectors are cost-effective and can be customized to fit the application.

Along with the progress of industry 4.0,we have built the customized supporting capability according to customer’ requirements for catering to the diversified and individuated trend in market. Based on the complete supplying chain built for years, we are capable to meet the requirements of one-stop service in order to save costs on materials, purchasing time and delivery for our customers.

FPC connectors are available in a variety of sizes and types, including single-ended and double-ended FPC connectors. FPC connectors are usually classified by their number of pins and the type of contact. The most common types of FPC connectors are SMT and through-hole connectors. Additionally, FPC connectors can be found with a variety of insulation materials and contact materials, such as gold, silver, and tin.
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